Weight Management

Do you want to lose weight?

The most common cause of being overweight relates to the individual’s Weight managementattitude to food – it’s not just a matter of choice but also a matter of conditioning laid down in childhood and throughout life.
Old childhood behaviour patterns are updated so that food is not used for comfort at times of stress, making the task of your losing weight so much easier. You gain control over your eating habits as your shape changes to a more healthy you.In the world we live in there is a lot of pressure on people around weight and body image, which can lead to a negative self image.  For some people it can be challenging to lose weight and over time they have developed unhealthy eating habits.

Maybe you’re eating to feel better or reward yourself, or possibly because you are just plain bored or anxious.  Unlike other addictions like alcohol, drugs or smoking where abstinence is the best measure, food is our life giving sustenance and it’s always there, at least three times a day to lure us.  We have most of our celebrations around food, restaurants abound, TV shows giving a vast array of sumptuous and mouth watering delicacies and so many cook books are available with tempting varieties of international food.  Then there’s the voice inside (your subconscious mind) that tells you that “you can’t loose weight” ,  “you’ll always be like this”, or “you are not worth it”  .

Is it any wonder that this combination with a possible addition of a sedentary lifestyle will create weight issues.


  • sleep problems
  • diabetes
  • heart issues
  • high blood pressure
  • increased cholesterol


Your attitude to food and eating is the most important means of losing weight and that is where hypnotherapy comes in.

So how do I lose weight?  Under hypnosis the subconscious can be allowed to form fresh perspectives on how, what, when and where you eat. It’s not so difficult once your subconscious better understands the role of food. What hypnosis does is speak directly to the inner voice the subconscious mind. This inner mind is like a child it doesn’t differentiate between whats real or not or whats right or wrong, it just takes everything on as if it were true.

So while under hypnosis in deep and relaxing state of mind a hypnotherapist can communicate directly to the subconscious mind  while  conscious critical thinking is shut down. Positive suggestions are then made to help with weight control and change habits that may have been hindering you.