Study Skills


Use hypnosis to make your motivation for study a constant drive, stop procrastination.Girls studying

When students suffer from a bad emotional relationship with exams, coursework, and exam conditions, they may suffer from any or all of the following problems:

Disproportionate anxiety during examination periods
Disrupted sleep, or eating patterns
Severe procrastination over revision, and coursework
Bad exam experiences, e.g. panic attacks
Consistently underachieving in exam results

These issues can have a huge negative effect on a student’s academic performance and record, but also cause enormous amounts of stress and unhappiness.

Many students would love to improve their study skills. However, there is so much pressure on school students today to produce results that many school and college children do not fulfill their potential.

Studying and learning can take you so far in life yet it can feel so hard to get down to it.

Whether it’s secondary school, college study or you need to be studying to advance your career; studying can be one of the most important things you could be doing.

How many ways are there to procrastinate?

  • I have to clean my room
  • The dog needs a walk
  • I have to cook/eat etc
  • Just have to make a quick 1 or 2 phone calls
And so the list goes on…………..

Modern life and technology continually demands your attention whether it’s to Facebook, games, commercials, the internet, friends or TV. All these things can feel easier to be involved in than study.

Your mind needs the ‘nutrition’ of study as well as the relaxation of entertainment.

When you study well you find it has its own subtle pleasures and satisfactions above and apart from the good results in can bring into your life.

Imagine what it’s going to be like to feel compelled to study hard and well.  Hypnosis can assist you.

HYPNOSIS is a method of allowing you greater control over your own mind and body. This greater control can enable you to not only overcome stress and anxiety but also improve study skills and overcome what might be called self-sabotaging behavior

Hypnosis can provide a student with a calmer, more relaxed mindset, enabling a more efficient use of study time.

It can help improve memory, mental focus, increase confidence, motivation and self-esteem. It can also decrease self-doubt, reduce stress and help students ‘visualize’ success, and therefore reduce the risk of failure and, sometimes, the fear of success.