Q  : Can I be hypnotised?

A  : Yes anyone wanting and willing to follow the hypnotherapists suggestion can experience hypnosis.


Q  :   What is hypnosis?

A  :   Hypnosis a state of focused attention which leads to a natural state of trance.  People go into trance states naturally throughout the day. A common experience people have had is being in a classroom or lecture  and feeling their mind beginning to wander as they hear the teacher in the distance talking as they allow their minds to wander and float from one thought to another; this is a natural state of light trance. Under hypnosis you will naturally float from this sort of light trance to deeper levels all the time being aware of what is going on around you.


Q  :   Why is hypnosis so effective in changing habits?

A   :   This is because it focuses on the subconscious mind, where all habits are rooted. We don’t have to think about habits, they just happen. Think about it, as the smoker goes through their day they do not need to remind themselves to smoke continually throughout the day. Instead they find themselves doing it at specific times during the day, it is literally “automatic.” Through hypnosis you can use your powerful subconscious mind to change or remove unwanted habits and make desirable habits automatic.


Q  :   Is hypnosis it safe?

A  :   You are absolutely safe. Hypnosis feels much like the space between waking and sleeping with a heightened sense of awareness and sensitivity to the surroundings, including inner sensations.


Q  :  Will I be in control or will I embarrass myself?

A  :    When the analytical thinking of the mind is at rest (10% of the mind that thinks, plans, and memorizes), what is felt is a deep sense of peace and what is experienced is an acute sense of awareness of the hidden language of the  mind. This is the subconscious language of symbols, metaphors, images, and feelings perception. In this state, a person is in control at all times, fully able to talk and direct therapy. I have deep respect for my clients and you can know for certain that you will feel completely comfortable and secure throughout the entire process.


Q  :  Will I forget what happened?

A  :   That depends on the depth you achieve.  If you go into a light state of hypnosis then you will remember most and if deeper then you will remember portions  or all of the session.  Don’t worry  the subconscious mind is listening and       taking it all on board  and affecting all the changes necessary.


Q  :   Can I get stuck in hypnosis and not wake up?

A  :   While it is true some people enjoy this gentle and relaxing state so much they may want to stay in hypnosis longer rather than face the stress and concerns of their life it is not  possible to remain there.


Q   :   Will it work on me if I am very anxious and fearful?

A  :    Hypnosis works on everyone who wants to experience this state, and you will find it relaxes you.


Q  :   How many sessions does it take to affect change?

A  :   That depends entirely on your presenting issue and your willingness to change.


Q  :   Would Hypnotherapy help me?

A  :   Hypnosis through the use of deep relaxation and an altered state of consciousness, uses the power of suggestion to effect positive change.
It  safely accesses the deepest levels of the mind to effect positive changes in a person’s behavior and to treat a wide range of conditions.